Technical experience connected to the future

For over thirty years our company manufactures custom-made products, only at the request of other companies in this sector, led by the second and third generation of the Morri family, with the same enthusiasm and passion for work as their founder.

The protagonist of our passion is aluminium, lightweight yet robust, flexible yet long-lasting and extremely versatile. This wear-resistant metal looks well already in its natural state does and does not require any further finishing. However, it can be treated in any way to meet the aesthetic requirements of each building.

In order to meet the quality, design and reliability requirements imposed by the market, we can manufacture any kind of aluminium frame with both thermal insulation and thermal continuity.

The wide range of profiles used and the organizational flexibility allow us to manufacture all types of aluminium structures and develop solutions being appropriate to the customer’s requirements.

Thanks to the combination of a constant search for materials, highly qualified suppliers and careful processing, each frame is assembled using only raw materials with excellent properties, by applying state-of-the-art techniques and know-how, so as to constantly ensure efficiency and endurance.

Each frame is designed to get the best performances, in line with the regulations on energy saving and environmental protection.

The result is a high-quality, long-lasting frame.