Let's talk about aluminium

Aluminium is a very common element in nature and is available in the form of oxides of aluminium (bauxite). The bauxite reserves are currently guaranteed for hundreds of years, but today about a third of the aluminium used is made from recycled aluminium objects. Aluminium is a clean material, highly sustainable from the ecological point of view, thanks to the reduced amount of energy needed to work it, and to the infinite recycling options. It is oxidation and wear resistant, and allows a variety of colours to ensure architectural versatility as well as the highest functionality and lightness.

Ecobonus 2016

Si tratta della detrazione Irpef e Ires pari al 65% delle spese per i lavori di riqualificazione energetica e adeguamento antisismico sostenute entro il 31 dicembre 2016.

Let's talk about windows and shutters

we believe that the characteristics of a building are in the architecture of its facade. To that end, each frame must represent at best the decorative appearance of the building but also be efficient and functional.

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si consiglia alla clientela di usarle così da velocizzare l'evasione degli stessi.

Let's talk about glass

Glass is one of the main components of a window, having the important task to satisfy many requirements. First and foremost the need to pass a lot of light through and to keep the external environment contact with the inner. Today, however, the glass must ensure important thermal and acoustic performance, to support higher performance profiles.

Certified AoC 1

Standard EN 14351-1: 2010 (ZA.2 prospectus), identifies the VVCP (assessment and verification of constancy of performance system) based on the intended application of the product. From this statement it appears that the doors to be installed along the escape routes without fireproof / smoke compartmentation must be marked in accordance with a AoC 1 Certificate